The focus at Alma Mater is to develop well-rounded young men and women who are specifically groomed to excel at secondary and tertiary study. The Cambridge International Examinations were created for this precise purpose. Learners can also complete their A Levels at Alma Mater; this option greatly benefits learners who want to pursue careers in highly specialised fields such as medicine. We provide a safe, friendly and disciplined learning environment in which we build social and academic skills in self-confident students. 

Our curriculum is recognised internationally by the best universities in the world. Alma Mater's excellent academic standards and highly committed staff serve to expedite our goal for our students attain to their full potential and fulfil their aspirations.

Ages 2 - 4

Alma Mater Pre-Primary is committed to the provision of quality pre-school education. Our curriculum is aligned with the latest Early Childhood Development policies coupled with the best international educational trends. Each child is nurtured, supported and empowered to find his or her path into the future from the security of a safe and stimulating environment. We believe that
happy and meaningful learning experiences in the early years will provide a sound foundation for
future education. 

Ages 5 - 11

This programme offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment for 5-11 year-olds. Cambridge Primary sets clear learning objectives in English, Mathematics and Science skills for each
year of primary education. It focuses on learners' development in each year and provides a natural progression throughout the years of primary education, providing international benchmarks for schools. It is also excellent preparation for the next stage of a Cambridge International Education.
Enrichment programmes and other subjects are also introduced. 

Ages 11 - 14

This programme offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment. It builds on the foundations of Cambridge Checkpoint Primary. Cambridge Secondary 1 develops learners' skills and
understanding in Mathematics, English and Science education and provides excellent preparation for Cambridge IGCSE. Enrichment programmes and other subjects are also introduced. 

IGCSE, Ages 14 - 16

  Cambridge IGCSE is typically for learners aged 
14-16 years. It builds on the foundations of
Cambridge Secondary 1, and supports schools using learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches
to learning. Cambridge IGCSE is a globally recognised qualification and provides excellent
progression to the next stage of Cambridge International Education

AS & A Levels, Ages 16-19

Cambridge Advanced 
Subsidiary Level (Grade 11/12) for 16-19 years. Cambridge Advanced, typically for 16-19 year olds, helps learners to develop deep understanding and independent learning and critical thinking skills which universities value highly. It builds on the foundations of IGCSE and leads to entry to universities worldwide. Cambridge Advanced includes Cambridge International AS and A Level; both focus on equipping learners with skills they need to succeed at university, and as such, are recognised by universities and employers worldwide. 


These activities are highly recommended for the valuable lessons they provide in developing responsible and well-balanced young adults. Sports and cultural activities are implemented as a running portfolio programme. These activities are performed on regional and national levels.

Sports Activities

  • Physical training
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Cross country

Cultural Activities

  • Drama
  • Bi-annual drama production
  • Debating
  • Charity Groups
  • Arts
  • Choir

Boarding has become a growing schooling preference in the busy lives of parents. 

Academic Excellence

  • Extra support from our experienced teachers with advanced degrees in their fields.
  • Remarkable depth and breadth of the academic courses. 
  • Alma Mater is selective about who they admit. Our normal criteria encompass students who are willing to work hard in class and play hard on the sport field. 
  • Study centre is available. 
  • Well balanced routine for studies and homework. 
  • Peer encouragement and study groups. 

Cultural And 
Sporting Activities

  • Routine participation at in-house sports facilities. 
  • Daily fitness programme for balanced well-being. 
  • Easy participation in regional and national level. 
  • Involved arts programs and portfolio building.  


  • Learn how to cope with life and all its many high and low points within a community. 
  • Learn to get along with others in a community. 
  • Learn to be responsible for your actions because you are bound by a code honour and discipline. 
  • Lay a solid foundation for adulthood  

Boarding structures

Weekly Boarding 

These fees will allow a pupil to board for up to five nights a week (Monday to Friday only). 
Day fees cover normal curriculum tuition, school extra-curricular activities, and extra academic assistance. Boarding fees cover overnight accommodation, meals, room cleaning, bed linen and laundry services. 

Termly Boarding

These fees will allow a pupil to board for 7 nights a week; return home during school breaks. Constructive and activity rich programmes are offered on selected weekends.

Additional Boarding

Holiday school - During August holidays we run the following for our students: winter academic programmes, portfolio enrichment programmes, PGP extension programmes, camps and trips. 
Please see our schedule of fees for more information.

Catering / Nutrition

Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining hall. We aim to offer a wide selection of healthy meals. Specific dietary requirements will be considered and catered for. Lunch and snacks will be packed for student to collect and enjoy during break times. 


Our campus is situated in Krugersdorp 40 kilometres to the west of Johannesburg. Krugersdorp was founded in 1887 on the farm Paardplaats and named in honour of President Paul Kruger, a friend of the owner and founder M Pretorius. The town has some beautiful residential areas, especially those seated on the north facing ridges. Services and facilities in Krugersdorp are excellent, and there are a number of leisure options; the nearby 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres) game reserve in the dense bush of the veld holds a large quantity of game and is one of the town’s major tourist attractions. Also in close proximity are various provincial heritage sites including the Cradle of Humankind, the Sterkfontein Caves and the Wonder Cave; some of the  oldest remains of ancestral humans have been found at this World Heritage Site. Other attractions include an eco-adventure park, the South African National Bird of Prey Centre and the Railway and Steam Train Museum, where steam train fanatics can revel in the 90 odd steam engine locomotives. Krugersdorp has modernised itself. It has ultra-modern sport facilities including a sports stadium, contemporary business centres, shopping malls, numerous smaller shops, three large private hospitals and medical centres.

Our climate is ideal for sport participation. Krugersdorp gets most of its rainfall during November and December. The area enjoys sunny and pleasant weather the majority of the time. The hottest month is January, when the maximum temperature will reach an average of 25℃. The coldest month is July, when the temperature drops down to 5℃ at night.

The school is laid out on an 8.5 hectare property, which overlooks a dam nestled under the foot of a hill. Alma Mater’s old buildings and unconventional layout provide a home like feel for the students and teachers. Many old trees beautify the property and regularly invite our students to read, rest and enjoy their lunch underneath their branches. Our grounds offer many open spaces and green fields for the students to play during break time.

Facilities On Campus

  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis / netball turf courts
  • Full-sized soccer field
  • Full-sized rugby field
  • Full-sized hockey field
  • School clubhouse and tuck shop
  • Stationery and school clothing store
  • Computer labs
  • Science labs
  • Art and design studios
  • Homework and research centres
  • Boarding; rooms, dining hall, lounges etc.
  • Classrooms
  • Playgrounds  

Additional Services Offered To
International Students & Boarders 

Assistance with compulsory insurance and medical cover:

Parents are able to apply at Alma Mater for the above. The above mentioned insurance are designed for international boarders whose parents/guardians do not reside in South Africa. However, South African citizens and expatriates are welcome to apply for this insurance. The medical insurance provides worldwide cover, should the student travel to other countries for extended periods/reside overseas.

  • Personal effects insurance R 187.00 per/month
  • Medical / Insurance Cover ±R 1 800.00 per/month 

- Worldwide cover on a comprehensive Gold Plan 
- Price is subject to individual application and exchange rates at the time of application which can be made through Alma Mater International School 

Other Personal Growth Enrichment Programmes

  • Annual overseas academic trips in UK, USA and Canada
  • Assistance to book summer/winter schools in the UK and USA
  • Booking meetings with Universities worldwide  
  • Overseas and local Job Shadowing opportunities
  • Opportunities to serve the community  


Upon application the following will be considered: entrance assessment (available online), sport achievements, cultural achievements, academic achievements and leadership experience. Scholarship applications are open to non-South African citizens. 

IGCSE Scholarships for 2017

Range from R 4 000.00 up to R 18 800.00 per year 

AS Levels and A Level Scholarships 2017:

Range from R 5 506.00 up to R 20 500.00 per year

Special Conditions: 

The Alma Mater International School’s Board of Directors’ Scholarship decisions are final and no negotiations or discussions will be entered into. These scholarships are reviewed on an annual basis and will be re-awarded every year until Grade 12/A level, should behaviour and academic performance be deemed satisfactory. 
Academic records and school reference will be required on application.

Please contact our admissions office for more information on entrance requirements and bursaries; 

Ann-louise Moir (née van Wyk)
Head of Admissions
Tel: 011 660 7567
Cell: 082 385 2486
Email: a.vanwyk@almacambridge.org.za

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